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For Christopher Julius Jackson and anyone else interested in a history lesson. CE Plastic 101 - The beginning. In early 2000 Dunipace started playing around with a new plastic formula which was going to be more durable than anything released before. With this new batch they ran 60 Teebirds ( the 1 of 60). Since CE hadn't been termed yet, they stamped these discs with the Special Edition Teebird stamp. Out of the original 60, only 30 were deemed suitable for sale. 30 were destroyed. Of the remaining 30, about half went to team members for testing, the remainding went with Dave to the 2000 Worlds for sale. $25 each.

This new plastic would go on to become CE plastic after favorable reviews. After the 1 of 60's, Innova ran another larger batch of test discs, the original CE Gazelles. The next in line were what I call the 1st run CE Valkyries, also referred to as the proto run. This initial batch of Valks consisted of aprox. 2000 total discs. 1800 Reds and the 200 "TRUE" Blueberry. These were 1st released at the 2000 Socal Am Championships. Most were stamped with the original star stamp with very limited quantites ran with the Zonedriven stamp (aprox. 2 dozen in each color), the 2001 Icebowl stamp (aprox. 2 dozen blues with this stamp) and a small number of reds going to Chris Himing and stamped with the Texas 10 logo.

Opacity changed from the original teebirds which were clear or cloudy to the 1st production runs of the familiar molds. This change to the opaque was a direct result of nthe weighting agent used, most notably beryllium. 

The real reason CE was discontinued was due to the original supplier running out of the plastic mix and being unable to duplicate it exactly. 

Thanks to Dave, Harold, Tim and the other Innova employees who answered countless questions over the years about this history.

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